Text Box: The Friendly Arctic


1879 Born in Arnes, Manitoba

1881 Emigrated to the Dakota Territory

1898-1902 Attended the University of North Dakota

1903 Graduated from the University of Iowa

1903-1906 Attended Harvard University as a graduate student

1906-1907 Anglo-American Expedition explored Mackenzie Delta area of Arctic Canada 1908-1912 Stefansson-Anderson Arctic Expedition: explored Arctic Canada

1913 Published My Life with the Eskimo, the first of more than two dozen books

1913-1918 Canadian Arctic Expedition: explored Arctic Canada and discovered Brock, Borden, Meighen and Lougheed Islands

1919 Retired from active polar exploration

1920 Awarded honorary degree by the University of Iceland

1921 Organized Wrangel Island Expedition

1922 Began to collect a polar library

1922-1961 Lectured internationally on polar matters

1927 All-meat diet experiment at Bellevue Hospital, New York City

1932-1954 Advisor to Pan-American Airways on northern operations, proposing a trans-polar route

1935-1945 Advisor to the United States Government on Arctic matters

1937-1939 President of the Explorers club

1939 Published Iceland: the First American Republic

1941 Married Evelyn Schwartz Baird

1946-1951 Contract with the US Office of Naval Research for the Encyclopedia Arctica 1947-1962 Arctic Consultant, Dartmouth College

1951 Stefansson Library moved to Hanover

1959 Awarded honorary degree by Dartmouth College

1962 Died in Hanover, New Hampshire

1964 Discovery, his autobiography, published



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