How Arctic Sent News of Explorer

NYT, Sept. 18, 1915(Front p.)

Text Box: The Friendly Arctic

Schooner Found Stefansson at Herschel Island Getting Supplies.




Southern Division of the Canadian Expedition at Work in Mackenzie Delta


NOME, Alaska, September 17. Vilhjalmur Stefansson, Chief of the Canadian Government arctic exploring and surveying expedition which left Victoria, B.C., in June, 1913, who set out afoot over the ice with two companions, from the shores of northeastern Alaska in March, 1914, to seek new land in uncharted seas, did not go to his death, as the world had begun to fear, but found the new land, and the only hardships endured were those of short rations.


The power schooner Ruby arrived from Herschel Island yesterday with dispatches from Stefansson announcing his discoveries. Stefansson announcing his discoveries. Stefansson is wintering at Banks Island, where he has a large power schooner and a small one. He plans to explore his new territory during the Winter and next Summer penetrate farther into the region of mystery between Alaska and the north pole, where no ship has ever gone.


The Southern, or Anderson, wing of the expedition is pursuing its scientific work in the Mackenzie delta and reports no mishap except the death of Engineer Daniel Blue of the powerboat Alaska.


Thirteen Have Perished.

This is the thirteenth death among the members of the expedition. Eight men perished while trying to reach Wrangle Island and another accidentally shot and killed himself there. Another, in the Mackenzie country went insane while lost and committed suicide by shooting.


Captain S. F. Cottle of the Ruby says that Captain Louis Land, cruising on his power schooner Polar Bear, found Stefansson and his companions on Banks Island. They were in excellent health and spirits and eager to reach the southern wing of the expedition, that they might obtain supplies and continue their explorations. Stefansson had expected to fall in with the Polar Bear, just as hi did. He immediately chartered the schooner, and with Captain Lane proceeded to Herschel Island to get supplies. The Polar Bear was at Herschel Island when the power schooner Ruby, which had been trying for two years to reach the island, arrived there from Port Clarence with supplies for the Hudson Bay Company.


Immediately upon arriving at Herschel Island Stefansson began preparations for continuance of his explorations. He purchased the Polar Bear for $20,000 from Captain Lane, and bought also the power boat Gladiator, a small vessel engaged in trading along the coast. Stefansson sailed with them for Banks Island.


The Time of the return of the expedition cannot be foretold, as Stefansson intends to continue until he has fully ascertained the limits of the new land he has discovered. He will also seek other new lands.


Jack Hadley, a member of the Karluk party rescued from Wrangel Island last year by the Wing and Wing, has again joined Stefansson.